Home remedies for hair fall and regrowth

Female Hair Loss – Natural Solutions

Since hair loss is typically an issue more commonly experienced by males, the demand for female hair loss treatments is not nearly as high as the demand for male hair loss treatments. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, suffering from hair loss can be quite a blow to one’s self-esteem.

Many females experience thinning of the hair as they age; or following certain life events like childbirth or menopause.

A case can certainly be made that a woman experiencing hair loss will usually be more embarrassed or stressed than a man in the same situation. Society is not as used to or as comfortable observing women deal with this circumstance as they are with seeing men with thinning or balding hair.

If you are a woman going through a phase of hair loss take some time to consider what is going on in your life.  The hair loss you are experiencing may actually be a normal occurrence; especially if you have just given birth, are suffering from depression or going through menopause.

It is important to address the situation promptly in order to determine the cause, minimize the damage and regrow your hair if at all possible. 

Home remedies for hair fall and regrowth

Finding Your Solution

There are many effective natural treatments for hair loss, however, in order to find the best treatment, determining the cause of the hair loss is a key factor. 

Herbal products – There are herbal products that can stop hair loss due to stress, and there are herbal supplements that can help prevent you from losing your hair, due to a poor diet.

There are certain cases where no herbal remedy will work; for instance, if losing your hair is due to genetic factors.

There are a variety of benefits of using herbal remedies to treat this condition. Those that contain 100% natural ingredients are considered the safest to use. Typically these treatments don’t cause any of the negative side effects that you may experience with other artificial hair loss products.

Some herbal remedies for hair loss are meant to be applied directly onto the scalp and hair, similar to the way you would apply shampoos and conditioners. Other treatments come in a supplement form and are meant to be ingested.

For certain individuals, the external remedies work the best, while other people feel the herbal supplements deliver faster results. Regardless of which of these treatments you choose you can hope to begin to see positive results anywhere from  a matter of days to a couple of weeks. 

Vitamin E supplementation – This vitamin significantly boosts the health and strength of hair, making it essential as a female hair loss treatment option. You can choose to take this vitamin orally in a natural vitamin product, or you can directly apply Vitamin E capsules to your scalp.  There are many shampoos on the market that contain Vitamin E as an ingredient as well. Read the labels on your hair products.

Hair extensions – These may offer a temporary solution to women suffering from thinning and balding hair. Although initially a temporary solution, many women enjoy using hair extensions because they can give an instant improvement to the appearance of the hair while they are waiting for the longer term hair loss treatment to take effect.

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