5 Health Benefits of Coffee

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5 Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage, and about 13% of adults in America consume it daily. Many people drink it to lift their spirits, but besides this, it’s loaded with numerous beneficial nutrients and antioxidants that are good for your health.

Studies show that this beverage is associated with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke and several other diseases. Below are 5 health benefits of coffee you might want to know.

  1. Improves Your Energy Levels and Makes You Smarter

When you take coffee, your energy levels are improved, and you feel less tired. This is because coffee contains a strong stimulant known as caffeine. When you drink it, the caffeine is absorbed into your bloodstream and travels into your brain.

In the brain, it blocks adenosine which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. This leads to increased levels of other neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine. These chemicals improve various aspects of your brain function such as mood, memory, vigilance, and energy levels.

  1. Helps to Burn Fat and Reduce Weight

Many fat burning supplements contain caffeine as one of the active ingredients. A good reason for that is because caffeine is a natural substance that aids in fat burning.

Studies show that a strong cup of Joe can temporarily increase metabolism by up to 20 percent. It causes body fat cells to break down thus releasing free fatty acids in your blood stream. This makes these free fatty acids available for fuel causing increased fat burning especially during workouts.

  1. Helps Battle Depression

As stated earlier, caffeine can boost your blood dopamine levels. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter responsible for memory, movement, and cognition. It also causes a feeling of pleasure.

This seems to the reason why coffee helps to fight off depression. A Harvard study showed that women who drank 4 cups of coffee or more per day have a 20 percent reduced risk of getting depression.

  1. Coffee Improves Physical Performance

When you drink coffee, it stimulates your nervous system to send signals to different parts of the body. Your fat cells are stimulated to break down more fat leading to increased energy levels.

In fact, coffee can boost your metabolic rate by 3-11 percent. Coffee also causes an increase in adrenaline levels which makes your body ready to fight or endure intense physical exertion.

All these combined, can significantly help to improve your physical performance. So, before you hit the gym, try a cup of coffee and you’ll ready for those strenuous workouts.

  1. Lowers the Risk of Getting Various Diseases.

Studies have shown that coffee drinkers have a decreased chance of getting degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinsonism. Alzheimer’s affects most seniors and is associated with several symptoms such as memory loss and impaired thinking while Parkinsonism causes impaired mobility and tremors.

By drinking coffee, you’ll have a 65 % reduced chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease and a 32-60% reduced risk of Parkinsonism. Coffee also can protect you against other diseases like heart failure, gallstones, and Type 2 Diabetes.

This miracle brew is one of the healthiest beverages in the world. Besides jump-starting your memory, coffee can improve your performance, energy levels, and protect you from diseases like Alzheimer’s and heart failure. Drink your coffee today, and reap all the benefits… but do watch the amount of sugar you use.


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